the information of 4-Methylthio thiophenol

4-Methylthio thiophenol  mercaptan and chemical properties
Melting point: 19-23 ° C.
Boiling point: 116-117 ° C, 3mm
Density: 1.19
Refractive Index: 1.6530
Flash Point:> 230 ° F
Sensitivity: Air, the Sensitive
BRN: 1.9315 million
Database CAS: 1122-97-0 (CAS DataBase Reference)
Safety Information
Hazard Symbols: Xi
Risk Codes: 36-43
Safety Instructions: 26-36/37
Transport of Dangerous Goods Number: 2810
WGK Germany: 3
HazardClass: 6.1
PackingGroup: III

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From: Fluorides


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