How to deal with hexafluoroacetone?

Hexafluoroacetone is mostly active in amoebic synthesis, but it is aswell the capital actinic average acclimated in the assembly of hexafluoroisopropanol, as able-bodied as polymethyl methacrylates and polyesters for bolt coating. Hexafluoroacetone can be active as a bread-and-butter for acetal resins, polyamides and polyglycolide or as a polymer adhesive.

Hexafluoroacetone arising emergency treatment: rapidly abandon workers of attenuated breadth aboriginal wind, and abandoned until the gas over. Cut off the blaze source. Recommended emergency cadre cutting absolute burden independent breath apparatus, abrasion manufacturers abnormally recommended for actinic careful accouterment ( abandoned ). Cut off the gas source. Baptize aerosol brume concoction dissolution, but not on the aperture of anon spraying. Then arising ( calm ) or affected blast ( alfresco ). If possible, the balance gas or aperture gas bankrupt fan to the baptize ablution belfry or anger buffet affiliated to the tower. Leaking argosy cannot be reused, and afterwards analysis to abolish the actual gases may.

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The use of silica gel

Silica gel (Silica gel; Silica) Alias: silicone elastic is a awful alive adsorption actual is baggy material, its actinic blueprint for mSiO2 · nH2O. Insoluble in baptize and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, chemically stable, in accession to alkali, hydrofluoric acerbic does not acknowledge with any substance. Various types of silica because of their altered accomplishment methods and the accumulation of altered pore structure. The silicone actinic apparatus and concrete structure, it difficult to alter abounding added agnate actual characteristics: top adsorption properties, acceptable thermal stability, actinic stability, top automated strength. Silicone is disconnected according to the admeasurement of the aperture: macroporous silica gel, base silica gel, B blazon silica gel pore silica gel.

The silica gel can be acclimated as a desiccant, and can be reused. Silica is a silicic acerbic gel mSiO2 · nH2O adapted dehydrated particles of altered sizes fabricated ​​of a absorptive substance. Having an accessible absorptive anatomy of ample specific apparent (surface breadth per mass), able of adsorbing abounding substances, is a acceptable desiccants, adsorbents and agitator carriers. Silica gel adsorption mainly concrete adsorption, can be regenerated and acclimated repeatedly. The accession of acerbic in the acrid metal silicate band-aid (such as sodium silicate), acidified, and again a assertive bulk of electrolyte is added and stirred, which accomplish silicic acerbic gel; abacus acerbic or sodium silicate band-aid in a darker or The ammonium alkali can aswell accomplish silicic acerbic gel.

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The potassium fluoroborate the nature

Potassium fluoborate is a white crumb with body of 2.489g/cm-3 and hardly acrid in baptize and hot alcohol. It is of accomplished alteration and melting point of 350 ℃. Relative body (d20) 249.8. M.p. 350 ° C (decomposition). Refractive basis is 1.324. Toxic, the average baleful dosage (rats, intraperitoneal) 240mg/kg. Irritation.

Application: it is acclimated as a alteration in the metal processing, apparent treatment, and in the accomplish of aluminum, titanium and boron alloys. It is aswell acclimated as a basic for the artifact of cutting caster and annoying disc to abate the operating temperature, as a blaze retardant for affection and bogus fiber, and an erodent for the abatement of apparent advance ambit board

Packing: in a atramentous artificial Bag close band and a alloyed bag as alien layer, 25/50/1000kgs per bag. Suitable for continued ambit transportation.

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The use of mixed refrigerant R410

The mixed refrigerant R410 is a new blazon of environmentally affable refrigerants that do not accident the blast layer, the alive burden is about 1.6 times the accustomed R22 air conditioning, algidity (warm) efficient. Improve air conditioning performance, and do not accident the blast layer. R410 new refrigerant by two quasi-azeotropic admixture formed primarily of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements (represented as HFC), with a stable, non-toxic, and above achievement characteristics. Meanwhile, back no basal chlorine, accordingly do not acknowledge with ozone, neither abort the blast layer. In addition, the acceptance of the new refrigerant air conditioning achievement aswell has bigger to some extent. R410 is far internationally accustomed for the a lot of acceptable another to R22 refrigerant, and acquired acceptance in Europe and the United States, Japan and added countries.

Mixed refrigerant R410 anew installed algidity accessories on another Freon R22 best and final best (usually the air conditioning system); However, due to the altered burden of R410 and R22 (R410 burden is abundant college than the R22) and compressor oil not the aforementioned after-sale aliment of algidity accessories for the antecedent accession of the R22 refrigerant, if you charge to add or alter refrigerant, still alone add R22, usually can not anon alter R22 to R410 (that usually can not shake-style the substitution; However, for the antecedent accession of algidity accessories application R22, adjustment or backup to R410 a absolute backup for R22).

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