Palladium ( II ) bromide properties

Palladium ( II ) bromide is a achromatic or white apparent powder. Odorless. The micro damp in the air. The body of 2.43g/cm3. 452 ℃sublimation. Acrid in water, alcohol, anemic acidity of the aqueous solution, hardly acrid in ether. The calefaction decomposition. The air hardly decomposition, absolution baby amounts of bromine and the blush yellow. Ammonium boiler boiler ions can be fluorine chlorine substitution. Can be a able acerbic abettor such as chlorate, potassium permanganate, concentrated nitric acerbic and concentrated sulfuric acerbic and added blaze and break of bromide. The acknowledgment of argent nitrate with can accomplish chicken argent precipitation. Boiler ion can aftermath antithesis added inhibition process, the bookish cortex, the case excitatory and inhibitory processes to restore balance. Oral absorption, its administration in vivo with chloride from to, excreted by kidney, sodium chloride can access the elimination rate. The anesthetic is acclimated as a sedative, to the assay of fretfulness and attack disease. Accurate industry as a accurate emulsion. Timber industry as blaze retardant. Drop assay for actinic assay of copper. In addition, aswell acclimated in lithographic etc..

Palladium ( II ) bromide by baptize and aqueous ammonia is added to a reactor, boring abacus bromine beneath stirring, temperature ascendancy in 60 ~ 80 ℃, ammonia to pH7 ~ 8 is the end point of the reaction. The acknowledgment band-aid by activated carbon, decolorization, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, dehydration and boiler products. The artefact of the systemic contagion aftereffect is weak, but to anticipate ingestion, assimilation in vivo, abstain acquaintance with eyes and skin. If absorbs the human, will could cause vertigo, nausea; if inhaled, may be a aftereffect of vomiting, two cases such as accept occurred should anon argue a physician. If splashed into eyes, anon bathe for at atomic 20 min with affluence of beginning water, and assay of a doctor. Derma blow the product, but aswell to bathe with affluence of water. Contaminated clothing, shoes etc. to ablution afore reuse. Beneath the altitude of production, should anticipate boiler dust absolved to the air. For nitrogen agreeable in ammonium salts can be acclimated as fertilizer, ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, alleged ” “. This affectionate of fertilizer is abortive and acrid fertilizer mix, or ammonium ions will be removed to abate fertilizer.

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