Clinopodium Herb Introduction

Perennial herbs. Blade shank or sessile, with teeth. Round umbrella inflorescence flowers or spend less, sparsely or densely, favor one side or does not favor one side, how many balls, with or without terrier, branching stems many-branched or less, in the main stem and branch of upper axillary, gathered into deflation panicle or bull panicle, or far to each other and the separation; Bract foliage, usually up to decreasing bract-like; Bracts linear or acicular, rib or not obvious with rib, and calyx long or short than many. Calyx tubular, with 13 pulse, width or central transversely constricted, base often side expansion, straight or slightly curved, throat inside scanty living a hairy, but not obvious meyeri, two lip, 3 teeth, upper lip short, slightly later against or not against, 2 teeth, lower lip longer, horizontally, tooth are mans pointed, tooth edge were eyelash. Corolla purple, pink, or white, tube slightly higher than or is higher than calyx, often slightly pilose outside, inside on his lower lip at the bottom of the throat with 2 hairy, often are gradually large, up to the throat the most lenient, crown canopy two lip, upper lip straight, apex rounded emarginated, lower lip 3 crack, lobes larger, apex rounded emarginated or entire, lateral lobes entire. Stamens 4, sometimes on degraded just prior to and after the former for longer, extending lip piece of top to bottom, often hidden within, or before the arts of the anther 2 room, room fork level, how many born in deflection of the extension of connectivum. Style is not held up or smiled, apex is equal to 2 crack, lobes flattened, lanceolate, lobes often after was not significant. His flat. Ovary 4 crack, glabrous. Small nuts, ovoid or nearly globose, Chang Kuan less than 1 mm, brown, glabrous, with a fundamental small areola.

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Clinopodium Herb

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