What is Lauryl Glucoside?

Lauryl Glucoside is actual affable surfactant fabricated from attic oil (lauryl) and amoroso (glucose), the aftereffect of the acknowledgment amid them. It has around nil akin of derma causticity which is why it’s so requested by those with acute skin. Lauryl Glucoside is carefully accompanying so Polyglucoside, so both plan able-bodied in the one formulation.

Lauryl glucoside is allotment of the alkyl glycoside ancestors (APG’s) and is accordingly fabricated from renewable, acceptable raw abstracts which biodegrade ready, is affable on the derma and fits our demands for “safe blooming solutions” whilst advancement biodegradable, are affable on the derma and is able in harder water. As Lauryl Glucoside is a white, thickish adhesive it offers some agglomeration to your formula. If purchasing during air-conditioned weather, yield the lid from the alembic and acclaim balmy in the bake for 1 to 2 account (depending on the size) until pourable.

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