Magnesium Myristate Description

Magnesium Myristate is a accomplished white crumb which is fabricated from myristic acid. It improves your cosmetics in lots of ways, but aboriginal and foremost, if you are searching for the Magic Bullet to advance adherence after altering the blush too much, this would be it. Try it in about 5-10% of formulation. Other benefits:

  • It makes your articles feel creamier and improves on their “slip”
  • Because it is baptize insoluble, it has a bigger abrasion
  • If you are acute your powders, it will accomplish them added “pressable”
  • It “magically” binds your capacity together, giving a accepted all-embracing bigger “finish” to your products

Magnesium Myristrate is generally acclimated to “surface treat” assorted articles in adjustment to advance on them. For example, we advertise MM Sericite, which is sericite mica which has been apparent advised with Magnesium Myristrate.