4-fluoroamphetamine (4-FA) Usage

According to altered sources, a dosage amid 80-140 mg is advised common; a dosage of 50-80 mg produces a balmy trip.

4-FA usually comes as a white powder, sometimes in tablets, and it’s best taken orally; either as is or encapsulated in a section of rolling cardboard or a capsule. It’s aswell accessible to mix it with some baptize or bake-apple juice. 4-FA takes aftereffect aural 30 account to 1 hour. The accomplished acquaintance usually takes about 6 hours, with a aiguille about 2-4 hours. Some users address trips of up to 12 hours.

It’s aswell accessible to snort 4-FA, admitting this will accident the nasal film and ability aching for up to 15 minutes. When snorted, beneath of the actuality is bare and the aftereffect will alpha aural a brace of minutes. The aftereffect will be beneath and added acute compared to demography orally.