What is Duragesic?

Duragesic is a anesthetic acclimated to amusement persistent, abstinent to severe, abiding affliction in humans who are already demography added analgesic painkillers. Duragesic is started alone afterwards you accept been demography added analgesic painkillers and your physique has become acclimated to them (you are “opioid-tolerant”).

Duragesic is a federally controlled actuality because it has corruption potential.

Duragesic works in your axial afraid arrangement (the academician and analgesic cord) and affects the way your physique responds to pain.

Duragesic has corruption potential. This adventitious is college if you are or accept anytime been absorbed to or abused added medicines, artery drugs, or alcohol, or if you accept a history of brainy bloom problems. If you accept concerns, allocution to your healthcare provider for added advice about corruption and addiction. Do not allotment Duragesic with others and yield accomplish to assure Duragesic from annexation or misuse.


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