What is Tolnaftate?

Tolnaftate is a constructed thiocarbamate acclimated as an anti-fungal abettor that may be awash after medical decree in a lot of jurisdictions. It is supplied as a cream, powder, spray, and aqueous aerosol. Tolnaftate is acclimated to amusement fungal altitude such as amateur itch, athlete’s bottom and ringworm. It is awash beneath several cast names, including Absorbine, Aftate, Genaspor, Lamisil AF, Mycil (Reckitt Benckiser), NP 27, Odor Eaters (Combe Incorporated), Scholl, Tinactin (Bayer), Tinaderm, and Ting.

Tolnaftate has been begin to be about hardly beneath able than azoles if acclimated to amusement tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). It is, however, advantageous if ambidextrous with ringworm, abnormally if anesthetized from pets to humans.

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