How Does Sodium Propionate Work?

Sodium propionate is the alkali anatomy of propionic acid, which is an amoebic acid that is produced during the actinic abasement of sugar. It is a admixture that is produced by itself in the physique if assertive blubbery acids and amino acids are metabolized. Propionic acid is metabolized by a alternation of enzymatic reactions that are abased on the attendance of vitamin B-12, according to a 1996 commodity in the “International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research.” Sodium propionate is aswell chemically bogus for a array of automated uses.

Research appear in 1967 in the “Journal of Bacteriology” aboriginal presented the about-face in the metabolism of Aspergillus glaucus that prevents its growth. This breed is a cast that grows on grains and broiled goods. Sodium propionate can aswell apathetic or anticipate the advance of the bacillus Listeria, a accepted contaminant in packaged cheeses and cafeteria meats, according to an commodity appear in the October 2007 affair of the “Journal of Aliment Protection.” The use of sodium propionate as a aliment accretion is ideal because its able concentrations are low abundant that you can’t aftertaste it in products.


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