Magnesium Oxide Environmental Applications

Magnesium oxide is acclimated abundantly in the clay and groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, bubbler baptize treatment, air emissions treatment, and decay analysis industries for its acerbic buffering accommodation and accompanying capability in stabilizing attenuated abundant metal species.

Many abundant metals species, such as advance and cadmium are a lot of acrid in baptize at acerb pH (below 6) as able-bodied as top pH (above 11). Solubility of metals furnishings bioavailability of the breed and advancement clay and groundwater systems. A lot of metal breed are baneful to bodies at assertive concentrations, accordingly it is acute to abbreviate metal bioavailability and mobility.

Granular MgO is generally attenuated into metals-contaminated clay or decay material, which is aswell frequently of a low (acidic) pH, in adjustment to drive the pH into the 8-10 ambit area a lot of metals are at their everyman solubilities. Metal-hydroxide complexes accept a addiction to accelerate out of aqueous band-aid in the pH ambit of 8-10. MgO is broadly admired as the a lot of able metals stabilization admixture if compared to Portland cement, lime, anhydrate dust products, ability bearing decay products, and assorted proprietary articles due to MgO’s above buffering capacity, amount effectiveness, and ease/safety of handling.

Most, if not all articles that are marketed as metals stabilization technologies actualize actual top pH altitude in aquifers admitting MgO creates an ideal aquifer action with a pH of 8-10. Additionally, magnesium, an capital aspect to a lot of biological systems, is provided to clay and groundwater microbial populations during MgO-assisted metals remediation as an added benefit.


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