Chlorophyllin Uses

Cancer prevention:

Because chlorophyll does not deliquesce in water, aliment sources of chlorophyll do not bind to mutagenic substances to a cogent extent. Chlorophyllin, getting water-soluble, can decidedly bind to ecology mutagens such as the polycyclic ambrosial hydrocarbons benzo[a]pyrene and dibenzo{a,i}pyrene. Chlorophyllin binds to mutagens twenty times bigger than resveratrol and bags of times bigger than xanthines.

Medicine and hygiene:

Chlorophyllin is the alive additive in a amount of internally taken affairs advised to abate odors associated with incontinence, colostomies and agnate procedures, as able-bodied as physique odor in general. It is aswell accessible as a contemporary preparation, purportedly advantageous for both analysis and odor ascendancy of wounds, injuries, and added derma conditions—notably radiation burns.


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