Paeonol Biological Effects

Paeonol is a phenolic admixture begin in peony such as Paeonia suffruticosa (moutan cortex), in Arisaema erubescens, and in Dioscorea japonica.It is a basic begin in abounding Traditional Chinese anesthetic remedies.

Paeonol increases levels of cortical cytochrome oxidase and vascular actin and improves behavior in a rat archetypal of Alzheimer’s disease. Paeonol aswell bargain bookish infarction involving the superoxide anion and microglia activation in ischemia-reperfusion afflicted rats.

It shows antimutagenic activities.It aswell has anti-inflammatory and analgesic furnishings in carrageenan-evoked thermal hyperalgesia. Paeonol inhibits anaphylactic acknowledgment by acclimation histamine and TNF-α.

It has approved cogent MAOI activity. MAO-A and MAO-B inhibiting furnishings with IC50 ethics of 54.6 μM and 42.5 μM respectively.