What is Behenyl alcohol?

Behenyl alcohol is a blubbery alcohol aswell accepted as docosanol. Behenyl alcohol has applications not alone in the corrective industry but in the medical acreage as well. It is accustomed by the FDA as a contemporary anti-viral analysis for the canker canker virus, a virus that causes algid sores in the aperture and animal herpes.

Docosanol is aswell an additive added to some corrective articles as a thickener and emulsifier. Most corrective articles accommodate both oil and water-soluble ingredients, and oil and baptize don’t mix. Instead they anatomy abstracted layers. Adding an emulsifier to a corrective artefact allows water-soluble and oil-based corrective capacity to absorb and break calm in band-aid after amid from anniversary other. This is important for the functionality of the artefact and for its appearance.

Most humans anticipate of alcohol as getting acrid to the skin, but some blubbery alcohols like behenyl alcohol are aswell emollients. Emollients anatomy a band over the apparent of derma or hair and assure it from damp accident and drying. Behenyl alcohol is not usually acid to the skin. Instead, it makes derma feel softer and smoother to the touch. That’s why it’s an additive in some cosmetics and claimed affliction articles like face and physique moisturizers, anti-aging products, hair conditioners lipstick and sunscreens.

Behenyl alcohol aswell has addition action as a corrective ingredient. It helps to thicken articles and advance their texture. Thickeners accord articles a added abundant feel and can addition the achievement of articles by allowance it break on the skin. Some thickeners, like behenyl alcohol, aswell accept analgesic and moisturizing properties. Most thickeners don’t appulse the added capacity in the artefact or affect their performance.

Unlike some alcohols, behenyl alcohol is usually balmy to the skin, and it appears to be safe from a bloom and ecology perspective.


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