Rufloxacin Hydrochloride (CAS 106017-08-7) Description

Synonym: Qari; Tebraxin; MF-934 hydrochloride

CAS Number:   106017-08-7

Purity:      ≥98%

Molecular Weight:   399.87

Molecular Formula: C17H18FN3O3S•HCl

Solubility: Soluble in water, and methanol (very slightly). Insoluble in chloroform (almost), and acetic acid (almost).

Boiling Point:   574.6° C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)

Application:      A fluoroquinolone antibacterial

Storage:   Store at -20° C


Rufloxacin hydrochloride is a fluoroquinolone antibacterial that shows photosensitizing properties toward biological substrates. It inhibits B-cell differentiation in human mononuclear cells. Rufloxacin Hydrochloride is an inhibitor of Topo.

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