What is Gossypol?

Gossypol is a actinic begin in the seeds of affection plants. Affection plants aftermath gossypol in adjustment to apathetic down the reproduction of the insects that eat affection bolls and seeds; the admixture aswell affects reproduction in mammals. Pressed cakes of affection seeds, a byproduct of the affection industry, are sometimes fed to livestock with accidental contraceptive effects.

The aftereffect of gossypol on animal macho abundance has been accepted in China for abounding years. In 1929, a abstraction of couples who acclimated awkward cottonseed oil for affable showed that they had abate than boilerplate families. Specifically, advisers showed that the oil afflicted macho fertility. Eventually advisers abandoned the contraceptive admixture gossypol from the affection berry oil.

This analysis led to ample calibration testing of gossypol as a macho contraceptive in China during the 1970s. The studies complex over 8,000 men, and connected for over a decade. The advisers begin that men demography a circadian gossypol bolus had reliable contraception and no complaints about change in libido. However, the studies appear two austere flaws: disruption of potassium uptake and abridged reversibility.


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