What is Equol?

Equol ,a metabolite of soybeans, is an important isoflavone in humans,specifically binds to 5α-DHT, has a bashful affection for recombinant estrogen receptor ERβ. Phase 2.

Equol is a metabolite produced from the soy phytoestrogen daidzein by the action of gut microflora. Equol has college affection for both ERs (estrogen receptors including ERalpha and ERbeta). Equol exists as the enantiomers R-equol and S-equol. S-equol has a top bounden affinity, best for ERbeta with a Ki of 16 nM admitting R-equol binds added abominably and with a alternative for ERalpha K with a Ki of 50 nM. Equol is above to all added isoflavones in its antioxidant activity. Equol has antioestrogenic properties. Equol is a 100-fold added almighty than daidzein in aesthetic an oestrogenic response. Equol is aswell added able than daidzein in aggressive with 3 H-oestradiol for bounden to the ER. Equol stimulates the advance of MCF-7 beef in a concentration-dependent manner. Although equol exhibits oestrogenic activity, acknowledgment of MCF-7 beef to equol accompanying with oestradiol is able in abbreviation pS2 mRNA expression. Equol after-effects in the downregulation of ER mRNA expression.

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