What is N-butyl methacrylate?

N-butyl methacrylate is a bright achromatic liquid. Flash point 130°F. Less close (7.5 lb / gal) than baptize and baffling in water. Hence floats on water. Vapors added than air. Acclimated to accomplish resins adhesives, and oil additives.

N-butyl methacrylate is a achromatic aqueous with an abhorrent odor. It is readily acrid in acetone, diethyl ether, benzene and a lot of amoebic solvents; about baffling in water. Chemical backdrop of butyl methacrylate are bent by two key functions in molecule: bifold band and ester group. BMA can be calmly saponified in acrid average or interesterificated in the attendance of mineral acid and alcohol. It can be polymerized both by chargeless abolitionist and anion apparatus to anatomy homopolymers or copolymers in the attendance of added monomers. n-Butyl methacrylate undergoes ad-lib polymerization aloft accumulator on air and light. To anticipate it bartering artefact is inhibited with hydroquinone methyl ether (MEHQ).

n-Butyl methacrylate is acclimated as a architecture block of polymer based articles that are acclimated in paints and coatings, resins, adhesives, toners and inks, oil additives for dental and medical products.


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