Broad Bean Applications

Broad bean is activated in drain (bleeding from the vessels), edema (abnormally ample amounts of aqueous in the intercellular tissue spaces of the body), and diarrhoea due to amiss spleen. It aswell inhibits some bane infection of the arch (favus of the scalp).

  1. For edema:

Prepare 200-400 g broad beans, and 500 g beef. Simmer with apathetic blaze until able-bodied done and serve. This can be activated already or alert a week. But the compound should not cover spinach.

  1. For tinea capitis (scalp favus):

Pound acceptable bulk of broad beans and administer the ashamed beans topically to the afflicted arena on the scalp. Fresh beans are preferable, but broiled beans can he acclimated if above unavailable.

  1. For difficult swallowing:

Use 500 g broiled broad beans and bullwork as powder. Mix with amber sugar. Administer already in the morning on abandoned stomach.

  1. For endlessly bleeding and diarrhoea:

Prepare ample bean crumb with dry specimen. Dissolve 10 g in water, 3 times a day.