What is Doxofylline (7-(1,3-dioxalan-2-ylmethyl) theophylline)?

Doxofylline (7-(1,3-dioxalan-2-ylmethyl) theophylline) is a atypical xanthine bronchodilator which differs from theophylline in that it contains a dioxalane accumulation in position 7. Similarly to theophylline, its apparatus of activity is accompanying to the inhibition of phosphodiesterase activities, but in adverse it appears to accept decreased affinities appear adenosine A1 and A2 receptors, which may annual for its bigger assurance profile.

Doxofylline is a xanthine biologic that has been acclimated as a analysis for respiratory diseases for added than 30 years. In accession to doxofylline getting a bronchodilator, some studies accept adumbrated that doxofylline aswell has anti-inflammatory properties, although little is accepted about the aftereffect of this biologic on lung inflammation.

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