Metamizole adverse effects

Metamizole has a abeyant of haematologic (blood-related) toxicity (blood dyscrasias), but causes beneath kidney, cardiovascular, and GI toxicity than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Like NSAIDs, it can activate bronchospasm or anaphylaxis, abnormally in those with asthma.

Serious ancillary furnishings cover agranulocytosis, aplastic anaemia, hypersensitivity reactions (like anaphylaxis and bronchospasm), baneful epidermal necrolysis and it may abet astute attacks of porphyria, as it is chemically accompanying to the sulfonamides.The about accident for agranulocytosis appears to abundantly alter according to the country of estimates on said amount and assessment on the accident is acerb divided.