Benefits of Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus has been appear to be a hormone regulator and analeptic for the afraid system, getting used for PMS to amusement affection swings, depression, baptize retention, and breast pain. The ability and tolerability of agnus castus fruit (Vitex agnus castus L abstract Ze 440) with placebo has been advised in women with PMS in a prospective, randomized, placebo controlled study. The capital ability capricious was a change from baseline to end point (end of the third cycle) in women’s self-assessment of irritability, affection alteration, anger, headache, breast fullness, and added menstrual affection including bloating. Results accept apparent a cogent advance in the alive accumulation compared with the placebo accumulation (p < 0.001). Some women accept appear balmy adverse events, none of which acquired cessation of treatment. It has been assured that a dry abstract of agnus castus fruit is an able and well-tolerated analysis for the abatement of affection of PMS.

Agnus castus is benign for preventing miscarriages in women with assertive health conditions, Glenville says. Some women accept a beneath additional bisected of the menstrual cycle, accepted as a luteal appearance defect, which can be adapted with agnus castus supplementation. Women who accept miscarriages due to bare progesterone levels aswell may account from demography agnus castus. Glenville cautions women to argue a able health-care practitioner afore demography any herbs during pregnancy.