Where to buy Rumex Occidentalis Extract(Western Dock Extract)?

Applications: Skin Radiance / Skin Brigthening / Anti-dark Spot/Skin conditioning/Antibacterial/Anti-inflammatory/ Anti-virus

About Rumex Occidentalis Extract(Western Dock Extract):

Rumex Occidentalis Extract is an extract of the accomplished plant, Rumex occidentalis, Polygonaceae.

Rumex Occidentalis is a western acid plant acquired from the Canadian prairie. The North American aborigines use fumigation to growth rheumatism, basis and blade ointments.

Rumex Occidentalis Extract is able at abbreviation exceptionable derma coloration, such as sun spots, age spots and freckles. Rumex occidentalis restricts the assembly of melanin, (the could cause of our derma pigmentation), and blocks melanin synthesis. Tyrostat is a derma accent lightener acquired from rumex occidentalis and is clinically accurate to abate derma blush by attached both melanin assembly and redness.

In cosmetic, Rumex Occidentalis Extract is a affectionate of derma conditioning abettor and soothing. Rumex Occidentalis can finer act on the skin, block the accumulation of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the assembly of melanin.

We are a manufacturer of 100% Natural Rumex Occidentalis Extract.

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