Description About Ceteareth-25 Cas 68439-49-6

Cas No.: 68439-49-6

Molecular formula:C18H38O

Ceteareth-25 can dissolves in water & booze to anmoleculey a colloid solution, can be alloyed with mineral, vegetable or constructed fats and oils.

Ceteareth-25 is accepted emulsifier to accomplish o/w emulsions,

can accordant with all kinds of oils & alive ingredients.It has actual able careful colloid that stabilizes all kinds of broadcast systems, and can be accumulated with added emulsifiers, optimal use with gel-forming thickeners.It is acceptable for emulsification of mineral oil(eg: white oil),nature oil, stearyl and etc.It can access a abiding arrangement if used alone.Compared to ceteareth-20, ceteareth-25 has a bit added gel-forming and agglomeration properties.

Ceteareth-25 is used all kinds of emulsion-based corrective articles like creams, lotions (especially sprayable lotions), foundations, hair conditioners, sunscreen products.

Ceteareth-25 can be used in top body electrolytical system.Vegetable based,low irritation.