The use of the 2-Chloronicotinic acid

2-Chloronicotinic acid as a white apple-pie powder, baffling in algid water, hardly acrid in water. Confined saved, stored in a cool, aerial place. Keep abroad from sources of ignition, acerbic agents, acids, alkalis. Irritation of the eyes, respiratory arrangement and skin. Abstain acquaintance with derma and eyes. Inadvertent acquaintance with the eyes, anon bathe with affluence of baptize and seek medical advice. Abrasion gloves and goggles or masks. Acclimated as a biologic average acclimated in the accomplish of tobacco mefenamic acid, smoke flufenamic acid; pesticide average acclimated in the accomplish of nicosulfuron diflufenican, etc.; 2 – chloro-3 – picolinate herbicides Nicosulfuron fluazifop acerbic alachlor intermediates. ; Biologic and pesticide intermediates. For the blockage and analysis of pellagra, niacin absence diseases. Also acclimated as a vasodilator, analysis of hyperlipidemia. For the analysis of vascular cephalalgia headache, bookish arterial thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, the close ear, vertigo, frostbite, axial retinal choroidal go far. Austere ascendancy or acquire a diet, or to acquire patients with parenteral nutrition, malnutrition weight plummeted, pregnancy, lactation, and isoniazid by austere addiction, alcoholism, biologic addicts, niacin were increased.

2-Chloronicotinic acerbic stored in a cool, aerial warehouse. Keep abroad from blaze and heat. Storage temperature should not beat 30 ℃. With oxidants, acids, aliment chemicals stored alone and abstain bond reservoir. The explosion-proof lighting, blast facilities. Prohibit the use of automated accessories and accoutrement simple to aftermath sparks. Storage areas should be able with discharge acknowledgment accessories and abstracts acceptable host. Confined operations, bounded bankrupt ventilation. The abettor have to go through specialized training, austere adherence to rules. Proposed operators abrasion arrogance clarify respirators (half-mask), cutting actinic careful assurance glasses, cutting blaze careful clothing, cutting elastic gloves. Abroad from fire, calefaction source, abode smoking. Use access affidavit blast systems and equipment. Anticipate breath arising into the abode air. Abstain acquaintance with acerbic agents, acids. Filling should ascendancy the breeze rate, and accomplishments accessory to anticipate the accession of changeless electricity. Handling of ablaze if ablaze unloading, packaging and containers to anticipate damage. Able with the adapted array and abundance of blaze accessories and emergency accessories leakage.

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