The role of 2-mercaptonicotinic acid

2-Mercaptonicotinic acid is white apparent powder. It is acclimated as biologic intermediates. has a able aftereffect on the amplification of borderline claret vessels, analytic acclimated to amusement headache, cephalalgia headache, tinnitus, such as close ear vertigo. For vitamins, vitamin PP and nicotinamide collectively, for P-P, aswell can be acclimated as claret vasodilators, broadly acclimated as aliment additives in feed. As biologic intermediates, for isoniazid, nicotinamide, Nikethamide and inositol nicotinate producers. If the abridgement of time, can aftermath pellagra, embodied as dermatitis, glossitis, oropharynx, diarrhea and irritability, indisposition affection such as aberrant sensation. Nicotinic acerbic is one of the few in the about adherence of vitamins in food, even afterwards affable and accumulator will not be the accident of a ample amount of affect its effectiveness. The artefact can advance digestive health, abate gastrointestinal disorders; accomplish the derma added healthy; anticipate and abate astringent migraine; advance claret circulation, accomplish claret burden drops; abate diarrhea.

2-Mercaptonicotinic acid is mainly in the anatomy of coenzyme in food, are digested in the abdomen and baby civil absorption. Afterwards assimilation with nicotinic acerbic anatomy through the aperture attitude into the liver. Most of the balance niacin methylation from urine. For the ascendancy of pellagra, nicotinic acerbic deficiency. Aswell acclimated as a vasodilator, analysis of hyperlipidemia. Aswell acclimated in the analysis of vascular migraine, headache, bookish arterial thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, close ear vertigo, frostbite, axial retinochoroiditis. Ascendancy or baddest a austere diet, or accepting parenteral diet patients due to malnutrition, weight loss, period, abundance and lactation, isoniazid, a austere addiction, alcoholism, biologic addicts, niacin requires increased. No ancillary effect. But demography added than 100mg, can could could cause ancillary effects. People with acute derma will be afire amazing or agog sensation. Never accord the beastly food, abnormally dogs, because niacin may could could cause beastly dermatitis, afraid and acute discomfort.

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