The 2,3-Dihydroxypyridine role

2,3-Dihydroxypyridine is a polyhydroxy ketone amoroso is the easiest ketose, the actualization is a white apparent crumb with a sweet, acrid in an amoebic bread-and-butter such as water, ethanol, diethyl ether and acetone, m.p. 75-80 ℃ , baptize solubility> 250g / L (20 ℃), is abiding at a pH of 6.0. It is an important actinic raw materials, biologic intermediates and anatomic additives, are broadly acclimated in adopted countries, calm 1,3 – dihydroxyacetone appear rarely, two light-acetone awash in the bazaar as a white apparent crumb , sweetness. As Antioxidant synergists, tanning agents, chelating agents, agents. Broadly acclimated in medicine, food, leather, bolt and added industries. Low solubility in baptize at low temperatures, simple accumulation of baffling calcium salts. . In abreast amoebic amalgam is actual important chiral ligands and duke temper, can be acclimated for the alertness of abounding acclaimed a chiral catalyst, as able-bodied as a chiral antecedent to amalgamate circuitous accustomed artefact molecules. Tartaric acerbic is aswell an antioxidant, and has been activated in the aliment industry. Biochemical tests can be acclimated as a deoxidant.

2,3-Dihydroxypyridine atom has two agee carbon atoms, and therefore, there are three kinds of optical isomers, i.e., L-tartaric acerbic or L-tartaric acid, dextrose tartaric acerbic or D-tartaric acid, meso-tartaric acid. The aforementioned bulk of L-tartaric acerbic and right-handed tartaric acerbic alloyed racemic tartaric acerbic or DL-tartaric acid. Accustomed tartaric acerbic D-tartaric acid. The automated assembly of the better is racemic tartaric acid. Tartaric acerbic is abiding in air. Non-toxic. This artefact is present in abounding plants, such as grapes and tamarind, candied angle, the wine in the capital amoebic acids one. The added antioxidant in food, can accomplish the aliment with sourness. The better use of tartaric acerbic is a cooler additive. Automated raw abstracts are aswell drugs. In the mirror industry, tartaric acerbic is an important aid and a abbreviation agent, can ascendancy the amount of accumulation of the argent mirror, to access a actual compatible coating. Ammonium tartrate by the activity of microorganisms can be angry into succinate assembly of succinic acid, tartaric acerbic as automated raw, Pasteur (L.Pasteus), already tartaric acerbic as the abstraction of optically alive actual of accustomed substances, history famous.

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the basic information of 2,2,3,3-Tetrafluoro-1-propanol (TFP)

PTFE-propanol with non-combustible, non-toxic, non-corrosive and excellent lubricity, is a novel fluorine-containing solvent, due to itsgood solubility and gasification speed, low toxicity, is widely used as a CD-R (W) paint solvents. Also widely used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, fine chemicals and intermediates, photographic and colormaking it up, agents, finishing agents, fluorine-containing resin,perfluorinated rubber processing aids, as well as electronic products,cleaning agents. Excellent cleaning performance, as a cleaning agent has its important use in microelectronics and optoelectronics,its atmosphere damaging effects, is an excellent Freon cleaningagent alternatives.

2, 2, 3, 3-Tetrafluoro-1-propanol agreeable 99.5% min

Moisture 0.3% max

Peroxide 50ppm max

Appearance clear, achromatic aqueous

Standard Packing

250kgs/200Ladamant drum

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