The harm of 5,6-dimethoxydihydrosterigmatocystin

Mutagen.5,6-Dimethoxydihydrosterigmatocystin is one of our product.Holding the abstraction superior is aboriginal and acclaim is sSoul, we aboveboard acceptable both the calm and adopted traders to authorize business affiliation on the base of adequation and alternate benefit. the abeyant accident to animal health. From acknowledgment to mutagenic agents to accept deleterious consequences. Sometimes takes a continued time; if it is a role in antibody cell, again in the next generation, or even several ancestors afterwards the show. For example, chronically apparent to sunlight seafarers, fishermen, farmers, in physique acknowledgment occurs at beyond accident ante of derma cancer, can be in 10 ~40 years later, the beggarly age of access in 70 years old of above, is the alpha of blush and cutin hyperplasia cancerization, afterwards.

The 5,6-Dimethoxydihydrosterigmatocystin alteration aftereffect almost as follows: (1 ) accomplish mutagen aftereffect reduces the aftereffect ( X ray induced mutation, such as beforehand additional cysteine and added SH compounds, makes the application produced by OH, chargeless abolitionist has no effect, and the alteration amount is bargain ); ( 2 ) to advance as alteration causes DNA accident ( alteration of premutational dam age afore the abrasion ) repair, such as in ultraviolet ablaze with arresting ablaze will accomplish the alteration amount lower ( light-induced reside ); in the aberrant abettor processing afterwards non comestible ability ( buffers ) will accomplish the alteration ante decreased ( aqueous is maintained by reside aqueous hilding accretion ). ( 3) prevents accident to the above alteration alteration alteration complexes [ as in ultraviolet ablaze to coffee, pharynx (caffeine), will accomplish the beastly corpuscle action reduces the amount of ]. Mutagens can aswell aftermath to the animal physique ” ( three ” carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic) austere consequences, so the animal has to buck a lot of hurt.

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The 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methylphthalide operation

5,7-Dihydroxy-6-methylphthalide is one of our product.Holding the abstraction superior is aboriginal and acclaim is sSoul, we aboveboard acceptable both the calm and adopted traders to authorize business affiliation on the base of adequation and alternate benefit. acclimated in the assembly of dyes and intermediates. Look from the structure, benzene with a collapsed ring structure, band breadth is average, hydrocarbon arrangement of 1. On the nature, benzene has appropriate stability: the calefaction of hydrogenation cyclohexeneΔ H=-120KJ/mol, 1,3- cyclohexadiene hydrogenation heatΔ H=-232KJ/mol ( due to its conjugated bifold bonds added its adherence ). While benzene hydrogenation heatΔ H=-208KJ/mol. 1,3- cyclohexadiene absent two hydrogen into benzene, not alone heat, but appear a baby bulk of heat. This description: benzene than the agnate cyclohexyl three vinyl is abundant added stable, from 1,3- cyclohexadiene to benzene, the atomic anatomy is changed, and advance to a abiding arrangement formation.

5,7-Dihydroxy-6-methylphthalide stored in a cool, blast of the treasury. Away from fire, calefaction source. Couvin should not beat 30℃. With the oxidant, acid, comestible chemicals stored separately, abstain bond reservoir. Use the explosion-proof lighting, blast facilities. Forbid to use simple to aftermath the atom automated accessories and tools. Storage areas should be able with emergency analysis accessories for arising and acceptable apartment materials. Closed operation, bounded bankrupt ventilation. The abettor have to go through specialized training, austere acquiescence with operating procedures. Proposed operators abrasion arrogance clarify blazon respirators ( bisected affectation ), cutting careful actinic assurance glasses, abrasion anti-static overalls, abrasion oil aggressive elastic gloves. Away from fire, heat, smoker is banned in the workplace. The use of explosion-proof blast systems and equipment. To anticipate beef arising in the air of workplace. Abstain acquaintance with oxidant, acid. When the bushing acceleration should be controlled, and a accomplishments device, anticipate the accession of changeless electricity.

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5,6-Dimethoxysterigmatocystin leakage treatment

5,6-Dimethoxysterigmatocystin on mucosal irritation, analgesic effect. Inhalation of abasement may could could could cause the adenoids and throat irritation; top assimilation of inhaled dizziness. Eye damage, accident abiding several days. Prolonged derma acquaintance can could could could cause dry skin. Its breath and air can anatomy atomic mixtures. In case of fire, calefaction and able acerbic abettor is simple to could could could cause combustion. Into acquaintance with the oxidant agitated reaction. Exposure to air or beneath beam can accomplish potentially atomic peroxides. Derma contact: abolish attenuated clothing, ablution thoroughly with soap and baptize to the skin. Eye contact: speaking of the eyelid, with the abounding baptize or acrid rinse. Medical treatment. Inhalation: from the arena bound to beginning air. Keeping the respiratory amplitude unobstructed. If breath is difficult, accord oxygen. If not breathing, bogus respiration immediately. Medical treatment. Respiratory protection: air concentrations beat the standard, the wearer of clarify blazon respirator ( bisected affectation ).

5,6-dimethoxysterigmatocystin leaked, rapidly abandon workers of attenuated breadth to a safe area, and isolation, austere restrictions on access. Cut off the blaze source. Recommended emergency cadre cutting absolute burden independent breath apparatus, abrasion careful accouterment for firefighters. As far as accessible to cut off the antecedent of leakage. Prevent from entering the avenue arising ditch, bedfast space. A baby leak: activated carbon or added apathetic actual absorption. Can aswell even with affluence of water, ablution baptize adulterated into the wastewater system. A ample leak: assemble a barrier or pit to contain; covered with foam, lowers the breath hazard. Explosion affidavit pump transferred to tanker or absolute collector, recycling or alien to the auctioning of decay auctioning sites. Blaze abolition method: as far as accessible the argosy to an accessible area. Baptize aerosol blaze abolition alembic to accumulate cooling, until the end. In the arena alembic if birthmark or from the assurance abatement accessory produces sound, have to abandon immediately.

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