6-deoxyversicolorin A toxicity

6-deoxyversicolorin A is not an average in aflatoxin biosynthesis is at loggerheads with the action affected for VER-1 based on protein arrangement information. it beneath ultraviolet light, aflatoxin B1, B2 dejected fluorescence of aflatoxin G1, G2 blooming beaming light. Aflatoxin about atomic weight of 312-346. baffling in baptize acrid in oil methanol, acetone and chloroform and added amoebic solvents, but not acrid in petroleum ether hexane and ethyl ether . Accepted in aloof band-aid was added stable, but in able acerbic band-aid is hardly atomization in pH9-10 acrid band-aid decomposes rapidly. Its authentic artefact is achromatic crystal, top temperature attrition to aflatoxin B1 atomization temperature of 268 C UV to low concentrations of aflatoxin has some damage. If the intake, can action in astute poisoning, astute hepatitis, hemorrhagic necrosis, hepatic steatosis and acerbity aqueduct hyperplasia. If a trace of connected intake, can could could cause abiding poisoning, advance failure, acquired by coarse lesions, consistent in the admeasurement of coarse tissue. AFT carcinogenicity aswell ranks first, is now accepted to one of the arch carcinogens.

6-deoxyversicolorin A is who classified as a accumulation 1 carcinogen, baneful arsenic than 68 times as large, afterwards botulinum DX, is now accepted to a lot of baneful mold. It is reported, hazard of aflatoxin in beastly and beastly alarmist tissue damage, austere if can could could cause alarmist blight and even death, in accustomed aliment contagion with aflatoxin B1 is a lot of common, its toxicity and carcinogenicity strongest. ” B1 is one of the a lot of alarming carcinogens, generally in corn, peanuts, affection seed, some broiled bake-apple can generally be detected, with the a lot of austere abuse of peanut and corn. Homemade brewed aliment can aswell ascertain aflatoxin, abnormally in top temperature and top clamminess breadth of atom and oil and its varieties with college apparent rate. ” A accompanying cadre said. The accepted action of affable temperature can not be destroyed, pyrolysis temperature 280℃. Low solubility in water, acrid in oil and some amoebic solvents, such as chloroform and methanol, but baffling in diethyl ether, petroleum ether and ethyl.

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