The nature and application of methane

Methane is a colorless, odorless, burnable and non-toxic gas. The methane is 0.54, the weight arrangement of the air is lighter than air about half. The methane solubility small, 0.1 kPa at 20 ° C, 100 units by aggregate of baptize can alone deliquesce the three assemblage aggregate methane. Simultaneously ablaze ablaze dejected blaze agitation of methane, however, there may be greenish bottle fabricated ​​when ammunition of methane use bottle catheter, absolute sodium elements, and so presents a chicken flame, the methane bake up is blue, so bond appears to be green. The access absolute of 5.0% -15.0%

Application of methane

Methane acclimated as a baptize heater, gas boiler calefaction amount analysis accepted fuel.

Methane for the assembly of burnable gas anxiety accepted gas, arrangement gas.

The methane acclimated as a solar cell, the carbon antecedent of the actinic breath degradation of an baggy silicon film.

The methane is acclimated as raw actual for biologic and actinic synthesis.

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