The use of mixed refrigerant R410

The mixed refrigerant R410 is a new blazon of environmentally affable refrigerants that do not accident the blast layer, the alive burden is about 1.6 times the accustomed R22 air conditioning, algidity (warm) efficient. Improve air conditioning performance, and do not accident the blast layer. R410 new refrigerant by two quasi-azeotropic admixture formed primarily of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements (represented as HFC), with a stable, non-toxic, and above achievement characteristics. Meanwhile, back no basal chlorine, accordingly do not acknowledge with ozone, neither abort the blast layer. In addition, the acceptance of the new refrigerant air conditioning achievement aswell has bigger to some extent. R410 is far internationally accustomed for the a lot of acceptable another to R22 refrigerant, and acquired acceptance in Europe and the United States, Japan and added countries.

Mixed refrigerant R410 anew installed algidity accessories on another Freon R22 best and final best (usually the air conditioning system); However, due to the altered burden of R410 and R22 (R410 burden is abundant college than the R22) and compressor oil not the aforementioned after-sale aliment of algidity accessories for the antecedent accession of the R22 refrigerant, if you charge to add or alter refrigerant, still alone add R22, usually can not anon alter R22 to R410 (that usually can not shake-style the substitution; However, for the antecedent accession of algidity accessories application R22, adjustment or backup to R410 a absolute backup for R22).

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