Piperine Introduction

Piperine is a kind of alkaloid, and pepper alkali (chavicine, for the isomers of piperine) is the source of black pepper spicy principal component. It is used in some forms of traditional medicine and pesticide.

Capsaicin and caused spicy piperine, is by open TRPV ion channels on the nere ─ ─ to feel hot and sour TRPV – 1 channel.

In addition, piperine was found to inhibit cytochrome P4503A4 in the body (CYP3A4) and P – glycoprotein (P – glycoprotein), two metabolism and heterogeneous (xenobiotic), metabolites (Metabolite) has an important position in the transportation of enzymes. In animal experiments, scientists have found that piperine also inhibits other play an important role in the process of drug metabolism enzymes. By inhibition of drug metabolism process, piperine could improve utilization rate of raw body many compounds. Piperine, for example, can effectively will be born of curcumin in the human body utilization ratio increased by 2000% [5]. Due to the inhibition of drug metabolism, is taking the patient should be carefully taking piperine, avoid to produce side effects.