What is Probenecid´╝č

Probenecid is a uricosuric and branch blocking agent. It inhibits the re-absorption of uric acerbic in the kidneys, appropriately accretion the elimination of uric acerbic in urine and abbreviating urate levels in the blood. This stops new crystals forming, and helps old clear deposits to deliquesce .

It is a lot of advantageous to under-excreters of uric acid, and doctors will usually appraise this by allegory urine calm over a 24-hour period. It is aswell best to run branch and alarmist action tests afore and during probenecid therapy.

Besides gout, probenecid is aswell acclimated to access the capability of penicillin, as it reduces the bulk of penicillin excreted by the kidneys. It restricts elimination of added compounds that ability could cause problems. I will awning these in the probenecid ancillary furnishings page, but interestingly one added aftereffect can account gout sufferers.

Probenecid restricts a protein alleged pannexin which, one abstraction reveals, can advance gouty inflammation.