the information of Selenium Hexafluoride


Selenium hexafluoride is the asleep admixture with the blueprint SeF6. It is a colourless gas declared as accepting a “repulsive” odor. It is not broadly encountered and has no bartering applications.Like abounding compounds of selenium, SeF6 is hypervalent. The admixture has octahedral atomic geometry with Se-F band breadth 168.8 pm.

SeF6 can be able from the elements or by the acknowledgment of bromine trifluoride (BrF3) with selenium dioxide. The awkward artefact is antiseptic by sublimation.The about acuteness of the hexafluorides of S, Se, and Te follows the adjustment TeF6 > SeF6 > SF6, the closing getting absolutely apathetic against hydrolysis until top temperatures. SeF6 aswell resists hydrolysis, The gas can be anesthetized through 10% NaOH or KOH after change, but reacts with aerial ammonia at200 °C.Selenium hexafluoride is baneful even at low concentrations.In the U.S., OSHA and ACGIH standards for selenium hexafluoride acknowledgment is an top absolute of 0.05 ppm in air averaged over an eight-hour plan shift.Selenium hexafluoride is a corrosive, achromatic gas at allowance temperature. Selenium hexafluoride is alone hardly acrid in water. It does not action by itself in the environment.Selenium hexafluoride is acclimated as a aerial electrical insulator.

What happens to selenium hexaflouride if it enters the environment?

When appear to air, selenium hexafluoride will acknowledge with moisture, basic added compounds which are removed from the atmosphere by rainfall.

Selenium hexafluoride is hardly acrid in water. It reacts boring with baptize to anatomy added compounds. It may aswell clear from water.

Selenium hexafluoride is hardly acrid in water. It reacts boring with baptize to anatomy added compounds. It may aswell clear from water.

Selenium hexafluoride does not accrue in the aliment chain.

How ability I be apparent to selenium hexaflouride?

The accepted citizenry is absurd to be apparent to selenium hexafluoride.

Workers that use selenium hexafluoride as a aerial electric insulator or use selenium hexafluoride to aftermath added selenium absolute compounds may be apparent to this gas.

How can selenium hexaflouride affect my health?

Exposure to low levels of selenium hexafluoride gas can could could could cause affliction of the respiratory airway, skin, and eye. Acknowledgment to top levels can advance to astringent derma and eye damage, accession of aqueous in the lungs, and eventually death.

Exposure to the liquified gas can could could could cause astringent derma abrasion or algidity and aswell astringent eye accident and blindness.

Long-term acknowledgment to low concentrations of selenium hexafluoride may could could could cause furnishings agnate to acknowledgment to added selenium or fluoride compounds, such as anemic appearance, nervousness, depression, gastrointestinal problems, abridgement of appetite, weight loss, and dental defects.

There is no advice on whether acknowledgment to selenium hexafluoride may affect the changeable arrangement in bodies or in animals.

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