What is Sodium bismuthate?

CAS: 12232-99-4

Molecular Formula: NaBiO3

Molecular weight:279,97

Appearance:yellow powder

Sodium bismuthate is a actinic compound. Its actinic blueprint is NaBiO3. It has sodium and bismuthate ions in it.

Sodium bismuthate is a ablaze amber solid. It does not deliquesce in water. It is one of the alone sodium compounds that do not deliquesce in water. It reacts with hot baptize to accomplish sodium hydroxide, bismuth(III) oxide, and oxygen gas. It reacts with acids to accomplish bismuth(III) salts, sodium salts, and oxygen gas. It is a able acerbic agent.

It is fabricated by reacting a basal band-aid of bismuth(III) oxide and sodium hydroxide with a able acerbic agent.

Sodium bismuthate is acclimated in a analysis for manganese.