The potassium fluoroborate the nature

Potassium fluoborate is a white crumb with body of 2.489g/cm-3 and hardly acrid in baptize and hot alcohol. It is of accomplished alteration and melting point of 350 ℃. Relative body (d20) 249.8. M.p. 350 ° C (decomposition). Refractive basis is 1.324. Toxic, the average baleful dosage (rats, intraperitoneal) 240mg/kg. Irritation.

Application: it is acclimated as a alteration in the metal processing, apparent treatment, and in the accomplish of aluminum, titanium and boron alloys. It is aswell acclimated as a basic for the artifact of cutting caster and annoying disc to abate the operating temperature, as a blaze retardant for affection and bogus fiber, and an erodent for the abatement of apparent advance ambit board

Packing: in a atramentous artificial Bag close band and a alloyed bag as alien layer, 25/50/1000kgs per bag. Suitable for continued ambit transportation.

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